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We are a leading company based in Multan, providing quality services, including real estate, aluminium works, construction, and interior design. Our Interior Designer in Multan services aim to create impressive and functional spaces that match our clients’ lifestyles and preferences.

Whether you require an Interior Designer in Multan for your home, office, retail store, or any other property, we have the expertise to deliver. Our talented interior designers are experienced in various design styles, from modern minimalist to elegant traditional.

Al Haram Services – Interior Designer in Multan Dreams to Life

Al Haram Services leads the way in transforming spaces in Multan with exceptional interior design. Our locally-rooted firm has been crafting residential and commercial interiors that impress yet offer comfort for practical everyday living for over a decade.

Led by an expert team of interior designers, architects and project managers, we inject aesthetics, functionality and global design influences into living spaces, offices, retail environments and more. Our award-winning portfolio reflects an apt blending of colours, textures, layouts, lighting and bespoke styling elements tailored to owners’ personalities and needs.

From creating lavish living rooms to designing hotel lobbies oozing luxury to shaping stores that wow customers – our innovation focus raises the bar. Yet functionality remains a priority, be it optimizing home layouts or advising acoustic office materials for productivity. Seamlessly executing 300+ projects covering style diversity reflects our execution excellence.

Leveraging 3D visualization and VR tech, clients can virtually walk through final designs before on-site implementation. This enables customized fine-tuning aligned with preferences. After that, our coordinated team ensures what customers visualize is precisely delivered through stringent quality governance.

Choose Al Haram if you seek exceptional interior environments made real by a reliable local firm putting your needs first. Together, we can transform ordinary rectangles into extraordinary spaces and uplifting lifestyles.

We provide interior design services in Multan for:

Residential Properties: We design home interiors that balance aesthetics with comfort and functionality from concept to completion. We pay attention to details and incorporate the latest design trends for a stylish yet cosy living space.

Commercial Spaces: Our commercial interior design services in Multan build modern and inviting office spaces, shops, restaurants, and more to appeal to your customers. We optimize the layout, keeping your business requirements as a top priority.

How much does an interior designer cost in Multan?

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Multan can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project and the designer’s experience. According to some sources, here are the average rates for interior design services:

150 €/hour for a one hour or one and a half hour consultation
Between 200 € and 250 € for the decoration of a room excluding materials and supplies
Between €500 and €1,000 for a complete service for a house, depending on its size
Please note that these are average rates and actual costs may vary. It’s always a good idea to request a detailed quote from the designer before starting a project. Also, keep in mind that these prices may have changed since the last update.

Our Process:

From the initial consultation to project completion, we follow a well-planned process:

Get in touch with us to transform ordinary spaces into a beautiful reality with our interior design expertise in Multan!


Interior décor trends keep evolving each year, and 2024 promises some fresh and exciting design influences. Here are some of the top interior design trends that are emerging in Multan:

Organic Shapes and Curves: We’re moving beyond rigid geometrical shapes and seeing more curved architectural details. Arched doorways, circular patterns on walls, oval-shaped furniture, etc., add a soft and soothing effect.

Earthy Tones: Warm, calming hues like shades of brown, beige and greige are replacing the all-white palette. Natural textures like wood, rattan, clay and woven fabrics also complement these grounded tones.

Eclectic Style: Mixing various colours, textures, eras, and cultural influences is becoming increasingly popular. Vintage Mid-century pieces, Japanese minimalism, Indian block prints and other diverse decor elements are blended beautifully.

Industrial Chic: Exposed bricks, concrete surfaces, steel furniture and piping result in raw, urban sleekness. The industrial look oozes understated elegance when balanced with natural greenery and lighting.

Green Spaces: Plants are moving beyond the outdoors as more people want indoor gardens. This year, vertical green walls, plant stands displaying abundant greenery, and indoor trees are hot trends.

Smart Homes: Home automation is the way forward, with more homeowners integrating technology for convenience, efficiency and security. Voice and app-controlled lighting, AC, security systems, etc., are new in-demand advancements.

We hope these rising interior design preferences for Multan homes and commercial spaces inspire you in 2024! Our expert interior designers stay updated on all the latest trends to create spaces that impress and wow.

Our Strategy

At Alharam Services, we aim to provide excellent customer service and quality design work that exceeds clients’ expectations. We aim to build long-lasting relationships by profoundly understanding clients’ needs and preferences. Our designers stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the industry to offer cutting-edge yet timeless design solutions tailored to suit individual lifestyles and budgets.

Critical aspects of our strategy include:

Our personalized approach, attention to detail and consistent delivery of premium results position us as a reliable interior design firm catering to diverse needs in Multan. The focus stays on shaping spaces that our clients feel genuinely proud of.

3D Dimension Facility:

Highlighting our 3D dimensional design capability as a critical facility:

Visualizing the result is vital before undertaking any interior design project. At Alharam Services, we use advanced 3D modelling software to provide photorealistic renderings of our designs before implementation.

Our designers first conceptualize the space in 2D drawings, capturing all details – layout, lighting, materials, furnishings, etc. Next, we input these plans into the 3D modelling software to create a simulated visualization of the interior space. Clients can virtually view their new interior from different angles, identifying any required changes.

With this 3D dimensional modelling facility, clients can realistically experience the size and spatial flow along with the look and feel of the proposed design scheme. This enables fully-informed design decisions, efficient project execution and delighted clients when they see their actual interiors mirroring the 3D renders. Everything can be visualized well in advance, from material textures, paint colours, and lighting schemes to the styling of spaces.

Our 3D dimensional modelling combined with VR tech for immersive walkthroughs brings designs to life so you know exactly what to expect. This high-quality design approach has led to strong client trust and satisfaction.

Teamwork of Interior Designer in Alharam Services

Our talented interior designers combine their strengths and expertise to collaborate on every project. By bonding their creative talents, technical skills and a keen eye for detail, they produce an interior design that truly stands out.

From the lead designers who interact with clients to the project execution team handling procurement and installation, they all work hand-in-hand. Design concepts pass through extensive deliberation to refine every element – spatial functionality, aesthetic coherence, stylistic influences, colour schemes, lighting design, material specifications, etc.

Every team member reviews the plans, provides inputs based on their specialization, spots gaps, and ensures seamlessness before implementation. This leads to a holistic design that blends visual appeal with practicality while reflecting clients ‘ preferences.

Regular brainstorming sessions encourage fresh perspectives and new ideas to improve and exceed expectations continuously. Whether implementing grand architectural visions or designing within space and budget constraints – our designers accept challenges as a close-knit team.

Smooth coordination also enables faster turnaround, allowing the hands-on talents of carpenters, metalworkers and technicians to shine during execution. A unified design is always achieved through team camaraderie focused on the finer details.

Exceptional Interior Design! in Multan

Regarding exceptional interior design in Multan, Alharam Services is the go-to firm renowned for delivering visually stunning spaces. Our award-winning team of creative designers, architects and project managers bring years of experience shaping stunning interiors.

Blending aesthetics, functionality, quality construction, and timely execution, we create future-ready spaces reflecting owners‘ personalities and lifestyles. Whether residential properties, commercial establishments, retail spaces or hospitality setups – our portfolio showcases design diversity spanning styles from modern minimalist, elegant traditional to uber-chic futuristic.

From space planning and 3D modelling to material procurement and flawless execution, we focus on the minor details. Our quality governance practices ensure what clients visualize in photorealistic renders is precisely what they are welcomed with on-site. Meticulous project management further results in timely delivery within defined budgets.

When exceptionally skilled teams continually raise benchmarks with innovation, the outcome always surpasses expectations. Our designers view every project as a creative outlet to make customers proud of their built environment. This passion is reflected in happy clients recommending our award-winning services as an interior design authority in Multan for over a decade and more!

Training and education to become an interior designer

Aspiring interior designers require a combination of creativity, technical skills, and relevant qualifications to have a successful career. While some may have raw talent, structured training helps channel creative expression, teaches design principles, and helps acquire industry essentials.

Many institutes offer bachelor’s and master’s programs in interior design and decoration. Specialized areas include residential design, hospitality design, healthcare design, and more based on interests. Skills development also happens through software training, design psychology modules, building codes, material applications, etc.

Practical exposure is vital, and students are encouraged to intern at established interior design firms to work on real-world projects. Learning on-site project handling, design concept presentations, site measurements, vendor management, etc., prepares them for their future in this service industry.

Many top designers further build expertise through accredited certifications. Overall, interior designers must continually upgrade themselves on the latest trends, innovations and global best practices. Their services ultimately create inspiring spaces that elevate client lifestyles.

The scope of an interior decorator’s work

From homes to hotels and offices to retail stores, interior decorators inject visual appeal, comfort and functionality into any space. Their holistic services involve:

The scope expands based on project complexity, just styling or complete interior architecture. Their keen eye for aesthetics and technical and coordination skills bring spaces to life. Clear communication with clients during the process is also integral to successful interior decoration projects meeting outlined timelines and budgets.

Why use an interior designer?

Here are key reasons to invest in a professional interior designer instead of managing everything yourself:

Professional interior designers focus on the bigger picture that clients often miss, leading to spectacular spaces that impress yet offer everyday living comfort—their services uplift ambience, productivity and peace of mind.

How to find an interior designer?

Use these tips to find an interior designer suitable for your project:

Choosing an established interior designer with expertise relevant to your requirements reassures quality services tailored to your environment.

Interior decorator’s fees

When engaging professional interior decorators, their service fees depend on:

Understanding fee structures upfront avoids surprises. Many charge a base consultation fee plus material/labour costs calculated as a percentage of the total budget. Some charge hourly consulting plus execution commission.

While fees may seem high, the worth shows through enhanced ambience, spatial flow, utility and lasting interiors, elevating lifestyles beyond cost by investing in professional skills.

How to choose an interior decorator

Key aspects to assess when selecting interior decorators for your next project:

Choosing interior decorators based on competence aligned precisely to envisaged interior design needs reassures positive outcomes from investments made.

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Questions to ask an interior designer during the first contact

First, interactions present opportunities to assess interior designers better through open communications. Key aspects to discuss:

By mutually clarifying doubts, aligning visions, communicating expectations and building rapport early on, clients and interior designers lay the foundations for a trusting, long-term partnership for enhancing future spaces.

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