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DHA Multan

DHA Multan is one of the most popular and respected housing societies in the city of Multan, Pakistan. As a project by the renowned Defense Housing Authority, DHA Multan offers a range of residential and commercial plots as well as developed homes. This article provides a comprehensive overview of DHA Multan, including its location, map, plot prices, payment plans, amenities, and more.

Introduction to DHA Multan

DHA Multan is a gated housing community developed by the Defense Housing Authority. The sprawling society spans over 105,000 kanals just South of Multan Airport.

DHA Multan aims to provide residents with a high-quality lifestyle through meticulous planning and development. The project features vast carpets, roads, underground electrification, ample green spaces, sports complexes, educational institutes, hospitals, mosques, commercial zones, and other amenities.

With its prime location near Multan city center and the airport, coupled with the prestigious DHA brand, DHA Multan has become one of the most desirable housing destinations in the region. It continues to attract buyers ranging from families to investors due to its strong value appreciation potential.

In the heart of the historic city of Multan, nestled between the bustling Bosan and Mattital roads, lies a real estate venture that has captured the imagination of investors and home seekers alike: Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan. With over 9,000 acres of prime land, DHA Multan promises a lifestyle that blends modern amenities with the rich cultural heritage of this ancient city.

Invest in the Future: Unveiling the Allure of DHA Multan

Are you considering a real estate investment in Multan, Pakistan? Look no further than DHA Multan, a meticulously planned and rapidly developing society offering a premium lifestyle amidst modern amenities. Whether you’re seeking a residential plot, commercial space, or a peaceful haven, DHA Multan promises an exceptional living experience.

DHA Multan Location

DHA Multan Location
DHA Multan Location

DHA Multan is strategically located just South of Multan Airport on the Vehari Road near Chungi 14 in the city of Multan.

Some key details about DHA Multan’s location include:

  • Distance from City Center – Approximately 15 km from Multan city center
  • Nearby Landmarks – Multan Airport is directly North. Fort Munro Road lies to the West.
  • Accessible from – Easily accessible from Vehari Road, N-5 National Highway, and Multan-Vehari Motorway
  • City – Located in Multan City, Punjab province
  • Geographic Coordinates – 30°11’44.6″N 71°28’06.0″E

DHA Multan has excellent connectivity to all parts of Multan City as well as surrounding towns and cities. The community’s proximity to the airport also provides convenience for residents who travel frequently.

Overall, the society’s prime location just outside the urban core offers a quieter suburban feel while remaining well-connected to the city. This ideal placement has been integral to DHA Multan’s appeal.

DHA Multan Map

DHA Multan Map
DHA Multan Map

DHA Multan spans over 105,000 canals and is divided into phases and blocks. Here is an overview map of DHA Multan:

[Map of DHA Multan showing phases and blocks]

As seen in the map, the society is divided into several phases that are further subdivided into residential, commercial, and amenity plots across blocks. Some highlights include:

  • Phases – Phase 1 to 7 and Phase 8 Extension
  • Main Boulevard – Runs North to South
  • Commercial Areas – Downtown, Medical & Healthcare, Emerald Commercial Hub
  • Parks – Al-Ghazali Park, Iqbal Park, Nursery Park
  • Institutes – DHA Suffa University, Schools, College
  • Mosques – Jami Masjid, Abdullah Bin Masud Masjid

The well-planned map provides organized zones for housing, businesses, recreation, education, and religious needs. The development has been thoughtfully designed for convenience and quality living.

Exploring the DHA Multan Map:

Navigate the vast expanse of DHA Multan with ease using the interactive DHA Multan map. This map provides a comprehensive overview of the society’s sectors, plots, facilities, and key landmarks. You can explore different sectors like A, B1, C, D, E, E1 & E2, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W1, W2, and X, each offering unique features and investment opportunities.

DHA Multan Map and Location

DHA Multan’s strategic location is one of its key selling points. Situated in close proximity to major road networks, it offers convenient access to all corners of Multan. The meticulously planned layout ensures ease of movement within the society, connecting residents to schools, parks, commercial areas, and healthcare facilities.

Kashmir Park DHA Multan

Kashmir Park, an enchanting oasis spanning 25 acres within DHA Multan’s Sector U, has recently opened its gates to the public. This meticulously designed recreational haven offers a plethora of activities for adventure enthusiasts and families alike. As you step into the park, you’ll be greeted by a sprawling kids’ play area where little ones can frolic and explore. The elegant water body reflects the azure sky, creating a serene ambiance. Lace-up your sneakers and hit the jogging track, surrounded by lush greenery—a perfect escape from the urban hustle. For thrill-seekers, the ATV safari promises an adrenaline rush. At the same time, the Dragon Boat Ferries Wheel Drop tower offers breathtaking views. Whether you’re unwinding in the open gym, enjoying a game in the playground, or immersing yourself in a book at the library, Kashmir Park beckons with its promise of a green, clean, and healthy community life in Southern Punjab. Welcome to this urban sanctuary! 🌳🏞️🌟

DHA Multan Plot Prices

DHA Multan Plot Prices
DHA Multan Plot Prices

DHA Multan offers residential, commercial, and amenity plots in different sizes at varying prices. Below are the approximate current DHA Multan plot rates:

DHA Multan Residential Plot Prices

Plot SizePrice in PKR
5 Marla4,500,000 to 7,000,000
7 Marla6,600,000 to 12,500,000
10 Marla11,500,000 to 17,500,000
1 Kanal17,500,000 to 26,500,000
2 Kanal52,500,000 to 84,000,000

Prices vary based on block location. Corner plots are higher priced.

DHA Multan Commercial Plot Prices

Plot SizePrice in PKR
4 Marla8,500,000 to 14,000,000
6 Marla13,500,000 to 21,000,000
8 Marla18,000,000 to 30,000,000
1 Kanal30,000,000 to 50,000,000

Corner locations carry a premium.

Residential plot sizes from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal are available. Commercial plots offered are 4 Marla to 1 Kanal. Plots are priced according to demand, amenities, and development status across blocks.

DHA Multan Payment Plans

DHA Multan Payment Plans
DHA Multan Payment Plans

DHA Multan offers flexible payment plans to suit different investors’ budgets and needs. The society provides three main plot payment options:

Down Payment Plans

Down payment plans require an upfront payment of 50% of the plot price. The remaining 50% can be paid in 4 quarterly installments over 1 year.

Easy Installment Plans

Easy quarterly installment plans allow booking with just a 10% down payment. The balance of 90% is paid in 16 quarterly installments over 4 years: no interest or surcharges.

Long-Term Installment Plans

Long-term plans require a 10% down payment. The remaining amount is paid in 8 yearly installments over 7 years—the lowest quarterly payments.

Overseas Pakistanis can pay just a 5% down payment and the remainder in 8 years. Installment amounts vary based on plot price. Flexible transfers and resale are allowed after substantial payments.

Discovering Your Dream Plot at DHA Multan:

DHA Multan plot prices cater to diverse budgets and aspirations. From 5 marla plots ideal for cozy family homes to spacious 10 marla and 1 kanal plots perfect for grander visions, you’ll find the ideal plot to match your needs and preferences. Alharam Services, your trusted real estate partner, can guide you through the selection process and ensure a smooth transaction.

Plot Options: From 5 Marla to Grand Estates

DHA Multan caters to diverse housing needs. Whether you seek a cozy 5-marla plot or aspire to build your dream mansion on a more significant estate, there’s something for everyone. Explore the various plot sizes and choose the one that aligns with your vision.

DHA Multan Transfer Procedure

DHA Multan plot transfer procedure is outlined below:

  • Seller and buyer submit transfer application to DHA Multan office
  • A transfer fee of Rs.15,000 is paid per marla along with transfer documents
  • DHA verifies payment status and remaining installments
  • DHA Multan reviews and approves transfer application
  • Buyer signs purchase contract and pay transfer plot price
  • Ownership is transferred to the buyer after approval and payment
  • The buyer receives an allotment letter for the plot
  • The mutation is updated in DHA Multan records post-approval

DHA aims to complete transfers within one month. Quick transfer helps facilitate the resale and rental of properties within DHA Multan.

DHA Multan Development Status

Image Credit: Bing Chat AI

Development is currently underway at DHA Multan, with roads, electrification, and other amenities in progress. Here is an overview of development status across phases:

Phase 1

  • Roads – Completed
  • Electricity – Available
  • Gas – Connected
  • Mosques – Constructed
  • Parks – Developed
  • Area fully inhabitable

Phase 2 and Phase 3

  • Roads – 80% Complete
  • Electricity Poles – Installed
  • Gas – Pipeline laid
  • Sewerage – Nearing completion
  • Development is ongoing; plots are being allotted

Phases 4, 5, 6 and 7

  • Roads – Under development
  • Electricity – Planned
  • Gas – Available
  • Sewerage – In progress
  • Basic amenities are underway, and allotments started

Earlier phases are now well-developed and inhabited. The development of newer phases is rapidly progressing. DHA Multan aims to provide basic facilities in all residential areas within 2-3 years of launch.

TopBlocks in DHA Multan

Image Credit: Bing Chat AI

Given the high demand, certain blocks in DHA Multan are considered prime and coveted. Here are some of the top blocks:

Phase 1 Block A

One of the first blocks launched. Fully developed and inhabited. Close to the Jamia Masjid. Plus factors are original allotment and location.

Phase 1 Block B

It overlooks the downtown area. Homes have scenic views. Fully equipped with amenities. Accessible from Vehari Road.

Phase 2 Block L

It was situated centrally near downtown and commercial areas. Allotment recently opened. Development of roads and amenities underway.

Phase 7 Block S

Brand new block opened near the Emerald Commercial Centre. A limited number of plots. Good investment opportunity.

These blocks are top choices due to their location, development status, and potential for value gain. Investors and residents flock to the prime blocks when available.

Facilities & Amenities in DHA Multan

Image Credit: Bing Chat AI

DHA Multan offers an extensive range of facilities and amenities for residents, including:

  • Fitness Complexes – Gym, sports facilities
  • Green Spaces – Parks, jogging tracks, nurseries, botanical gardens
  • Mosques – Grand Jamia mosque, prayer grounds,
  • Education – Suffa University, colleges, schools, training centers
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, medical complexes, centers of excellence
  • Commercial – Downtown business district, shops, offices, banks, fuel stations
  • Lifestyle – Restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, event venues
  • Utilities – Underground electrification, gas pipelines, water supply, sewerage systems
  • Security – Controlled access, perimeter fencing, surveillance systems, patrol vehicles
  • Housing – Apartments, villas, and developed plots available for residence
  • Transportation – Wide roads, public transit access, cycling tracks, parking areas
  • Community – Playgrounds, event spaces, community clubs, welfare centers
  • Miscellaneous – Post office, fire station, cemetery, grid station, cricket stadium

DHA Multan aims to be a comprehensive living destination catering to all essential amenities for residents. The availability of these facilities within the gated community adds convenience, comfort, and security.

Pros & Cons of Living in DHA Multan

Here is an overview of critical pros and cons of living in DHA Multan:


  • Ideal Location – Peaceful suburban feel yet proximity to Multan Airport and City
  • Prestigious Address – DHA projects are known for quality and community living
  • Property Value – Strong potential for appreciation on investment
  • Infrastructure – Modern amenities and facilities comparable to leading cities
  • Security – Gated community with controlled access and 24/7 patrols
  • Community – Vibrant suburban neighborhood with parks, playgrounds, etc.


  • Commute Traffic – Peak rush hour traffic at entry/exit points
  • New Development – Facilities and infrastructure still evolving
  • Cost – Property cost is at a premium compared to other areas
  • Construction – Ongoing developmental activities in newer blocks

For most residents, the benefits of an organized, secure, and well-provisioned community outweigh the relatively minor disadvantages. DHA Multan offers attractive features for families, professionals, investors, and retirees.

Is DHA Multan a Good Investment?

DHA Multan is regarded as one of the top property investment opportunities in Multan due to its strong potential for capital gains. Here are some factors that make it a promising real estate investment:

  • Increasing Property Values – Plots have shown steady price growth of 15% to 20% annually
  • Developing Phases – New blocks continue to be launched, expanding development
  • Strategic Location – Connectivity to Multan City, airport and motorways
  • Master Planning – Standards of DHA projects assure quality development
  • Demand for Housing – Overseas Pakistanis and rising middle class attract interest
  • Rental Income – Options to generate rental yields while the asset appreciates
  • Business Activity – New opportunities emerging in commercial sectors
  • Improved Infrastructure – CPEC and connectivity projects linked to growth

With its pedigree as a DHA project, expanding phases, and strategic location, DHA Multan promises healthy returns on investment, provided plots are purchased at current market rates.

Property Prices and Trends

Initially, DHA Multan witnessed a surge in property prices due to aggressive marketing campaigns targeting investors from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and even overseas Pakistanis. However, as the dust settled, a reality check ensued. Prospective residents were hesitant to pay exorbitant prices for plots, leading to a correction in the market. Prices have now stabilized, making it a suitable time for both investors and end-users.

Top Areas to Invest in DHA Multan

For buyers looking for the best investment opportunities, here are the top areas in DHA Multan to consider:

Phase 1 – Fully developed and inhabited. Limited remaining plots available. Prime blocks A, B, and C.

Phase 2 – Rapid ongoing development. Blocks J, K, and L near downtown are coveted. Strong potential.

Phase 7 – Just launched. Blocks R and S near Emerald Commercial Centre. Early allotment advantage.

Commercial – Shops and offices in Downtown District, Medical Centre, Emerald. High yields.

Farms – DHA Multan has launched farm schemes for agricultural land, and its value is expected to rise substantially.

Investment in plots and properties in these new and upcoming blocks, as well as commercial areas, can offer healthy capital appreciation over 3 to 5-year horizons for buyers entering inception phases.

How to Book a Plot in DHA Multan

Booking a plot in DHA Multan involves:

Step 1) Decide budget, preferred location, and plot size as per requirements.

Step 2) Select an available plot based on current offerings. Priority for new launches

Step 3) Consult DHA Guides on suitable blocks and payment plans

Step 4) Submit the booking application with a copy of CNIC and photos

Step 5) Make a down payment via cheque, demand draft, or transfer

Step 6) DHA allows the plot if approved. Allotment letter provided

Step 7) Continue installment payments as per schedule

Step 8) Transfer the plot to your name after substantial payment

Step 9) Construction and possession once development is complete

Booking early when blocks are newly opened gives the advantage of lower prices and flexible payment timeframes.

DHA Multan Property Rates Trends

As DHA Multan continues to develop, property rates have seen steady appreciation, averaging 15% to 20% annually. Some trends include:

  • Older blocks in Phases 1-3 saw the highest growth of up to 25% per year
  • New launches offered lower intro pricing, fueling demand
  • Commercial plot prices outpaced residential with 30%+ annual gains
  • Developing blocks gained substantial value after amenities were in place
  • Prime locations near the downtown, the airport, and the university commanded a premium
  • Strong investor demand continues to drive pricing for limited plots
  • Property values are expected to continue rising with ongoing development

DHA Multan has cemented its reputation as a prime gated community with capital growth prospects. Buyers have earned sizable returns on investment to date. Further upside potential remains.

Why Invest in DHA Multan?

Here are key reasons to consider investing in real estate at DHA Multan:

  • Stable asset growth, even in down markets
  • Attractive yields enhanced by appreciation
  • Inflation hedge and rupee devaluation buffer
  • Fixed supply matched with growing demand
  • Benefits of land ownership and control
  • Potential for regular income via rentals
  • Leverage financing options to build equity
  • More robust legal and environmental standards
  • Managed community for security and maintenance
  • DHA brand reputation for quality and prestige

For investors, DHA Multan offers a compelling opportunity to deploy capital into a hard asset, holding the potential for steady long-term gains.

Best Investment Option in DHA Multan

Within DHA Multan, plots in newly developing blocks offer the best investment value:

  • New launches are offered at introductory prices
  • Payment plans spread over longer durations
  • Opportunity to benefit from capital appreciation
  • Pre-development allotments maximize ROI
  • Expect higher demand from end-users upon completion
  • Rising infrastructure and amenities add value
  • Prime location preference aids gains

Investors willing to enter the early phases can target the most substantial returns from new block allotments that will experience price hikes as development is completed.

Is DHA Multan Worth Investing?

In summary, DHA Multan represents an attractive real estate investment opportunity. It offers a unique combination of elements for investors:

  • The brand appeal of DHA projects attracts buyers
  • Ongoing phased development expanding offerings
  • Comparable growth to major cities but more affordable
  • Strategic connectivity to Multan and the region
  • Comprehensive community-living amenities planned
  • Significant room for uplift and capital appreciation
  • Stable demand driven by rising middle class
  • Sizable premiums for reselling in the short term

For investors who select plots wisely at launch offers, DHA Multan offers prospects of earning potentially lucrative returns on investment over the medium to long term. The project has demonstrated consistently rising property values since its inception.

Staying Connected with DHA Multan:

For inquiries or assistance, reach out to DHA Multan through their official contact number: 061-111-111-189. You can also visit their website for updated information, announcements, and forms like the DHA Multan challan form for fee payments.

Challan Form and Installment Check

To streamline transactions, DHA Multan provides an easy-to-use challan form for fee submissions. Whether you’re paying installments or clearing dues, this form simplifies the process. Additionally, residents can conveniently check their installment status online through the official DHA Multan website.

DHA Multan Contact Number and Services

For inquiries, reach out to DHA Multan’s dedicated helpline at +92 123 456 789. The customer service team is well-equipped to assist with plot bookings, payment plans, and any other queries you may have.

Convenient Online Tools:

Manage your DHA Multan investments effortlessly with their online portal. Check your installment check online, access plot information, and stay informed about developments.

Living the Good Life at DHA Multan:

DHA Multan goes beyond being a residential society; it’s a thriving community fostering a vibrant lifestyle. Residents enjoy:

  • World-class infrastructure: Wide roads, meticulous landscaping, and top-notch security ensure a comfortable and secure environment.
  • Educational excellence: Renowned schools and institutions within the society provide quality education for all ages.
  • Healthcare facilities: Modern hospitals and clinics cater to residents’ medical needs.
  • Recreational activities: Parks, playgrounds, sports complexes, and a community club offer ample opportunities for leisure and entertainment.
  • Shopping and dining: Conveniently located commercial areas provide a variety of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

Investing in Your Future with Alharam Services:

Alharam Services, your trusted real estate partner in Multan, is committed to guiding you through your DHA Multan investment journey. We offer:

  • Expert advice: Our experienced team possesses in-depth knowledge of DHA Multan and the local market, ensuring you make informed decisions.
  • Seamless transactions: We handle all paperwork and legalities efficiently, minimizing stress and ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Tailored solutions: We listen to your needs and preferences, suggesting plots and properties that align with your aspirations.

Contact Alharam Services today to explore the exciting possibilities of DHA Multan and make your dream investment a reality.

Al haram Services: Your Trusted Partner

As you embark on your DHA Multan journey, consider partnering with Alharam Services. Our commitment to excellence and personalized assistance ensures a seamless experience. From plot selection to paperwork, we’ve got you covered.


DHA Multan isn’t just a housing society; it’s a lifestyle choice. Invest wisely, live comfortably, and be part of a community that celebrates the best of Multan’s past and future.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about DHA Multan:

What is the price of DHA Multan?

Answer: Plot prices in DHA Multan vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Sector: Different sectors have different price ranges based on development stage, amenities, and location.
  • Plot size: Plots are available in various sizes (5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, etc.), and larger plots naturally cost more.
  • Development status: Developed plots with existing infrastructure cost more than undeveloped ones.

As a general guide:

  • 5 marla plots: Range from PKR 20 million to PKR 60 million.
  • 10 marla plots: Range from PKR 40 million to PKR 100 million.
  • 1 kanal plots: Range from PKR 80 million to PKR 150 million.

It’s crucial to remember that prices fluctuate. For the most up-to-date information, consult a reputable real estate agent like Alharam Services, who can provide specific details based on your requirements.

What time does DHA Multan close?

Answer: DHA Multan doesn’t have specific “closing hours” as it’s a residential society, not a business establishment. Residents and authorized visitors can access the society 24/7. However, particular offices or facilities within DHA Multan might have designated working hours.

Does the army own DHA?

Answer: Yes, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is a semi-autonomous organization established by the Government of Pakistan with close ties to the Pakistan Armed Forces. Its primary purpose is to develop housing societies for retired and serving military personnel. Still, civilians can also purchase plots and properties in DHA Multan.

How big is DHA Multan?

Answer: DHA Multan encompasses approximately 8,750 acres, making it one of the largest planned communities in Pakistan. It’s divided into numerous sectors, each with its unique layout and amenities.

How much does it cost to live in DHA Multan?

Answer: The cost of living in DHA Multan varies depending on your lifestyle and needs. Some key factors include:

  • Housing costs: Rent or mortgage payments, depending on your choice of property.
  • Utilities: Electricity, water, gas, etc.
  • Groceries and other expenses: Daily living costs.
  • Transportation: Fuel, public transport, or personal vehicle expenses.
  • Recreational activities: Entertainment, dining out, etc.

Generally, living in DHA Multan can be considered more expensive than other areas of Multan due to its premium amenities and infrastructure. However, it offers a higher standard of living and enhanced security, which might be worth the additional cost for some residents.

What is the Marla size in DHA Multan?

Answer: One Marla in DHA Multan and across Pakistan is equivalent to 252.9 square feet. It’s a standard unit of land measurement used for plots and properties.

When did DHA Multan start?

Answer: The development of DHA Multan officially began in 2009, and the first balloting for plots took place in 2010. Since then, the society has been undergoing continuous growth and expansion.

Is Multan a small city?

Answer: No, Multan is not a small city. It’s the fifth-largest city in Pakistan, with a population exceeding 2 million. It boasts a rich history and vibrant culture, offering a unique urban experience.

What is the complete form of DHA city?

Answer: DHA stands for “Defence Housing Authority.” It’s not technically a “city” but rather a planned housing society developed by the organization.

Which district is DHA in?

Answer: DHA Multan is located within the Multan Cantonment area, which falls under the administrative jurisdiction of the Multan District.

Who can live in DHA?

Answer: While initially intended for retired and serving military personnel, DHA Multan has opened its doors to civilians as well. Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria and financial requirements can purchase property or rent a space within the society.

How many areas are there in DHA Multan?

Answer: DHA Multan is currently divided into over 20 sectors, each with its own unique layout and development status. New sectors are continuously being planned and added as society expands.

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